Hiring a contracting firm for software development services is not a decision to be taken lightly. We have found that our clients commonly require:
  • Value for money, in terms of the extent to which the firm demonstrates the ability to deliver the contract requirement
  • Experience in and knowledge of the planning and management of projects, with a clear and sustained focus on satisfying business and user requirements
  • Understanding of the contract brief and delivery requirements
  • Proven ability to provide outputs to specific deadlines

Application Development

The heart of Stock Software is the business of software engineering and development. The company has acquired significant domain knowledge in the areas of content delivery, resource management, conveyancing of land, superannuation and gaming.

Many of the company's clients are public sector. We have performed work for the Department of Natural Resources and Environment's (DNRE) in Fire Management, Strategic Planning, Forestry and Land Victoria. In addition Stock Software have developed a reputation for value added technical advice and expertise in the private sector with Alamak and VicSuper.

Data Analysis and Modelling

At the core of most systems is the data that the system is designed to manipulate. Without a flexible and extensible data model any system is doomed to short term success and long term failure.

Stock Software can offer significant skills for the purpose of data analysis and subsequent data modelling. We have a proven track record, most recently with the IRIS and ECV projects.

Internet Content Delivery

The Internet is providing a new way for companies to run their businesses. Through the utilising of new interconnectivity between offices and customers it becomes possible to reorganise applications and data dissemination or capture.

Stock Software has extensive knowledge of the evolving standards for this style of application as well as experience in the design and development of such systems, most recently in the development of VicSuper's intranet and internet sites.

System Development

The development of an application often consists of development of new system architecture and modifying existing architectures to meet new demands (implementation), or adding new interfaces to existing architecture (integration). Stock Software has demonstrated experience, most notably in the IRIS and ECV projects.